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StudioVoicework.com is a privately-owned professional broadcast quality Voiceover Recording Studio, utilizing state of the art technology and recording equipment. We create professional, high quality digital audio files for everything that requires a real human voice.

Meet the Owner, Janice Downes

Janice Downes, professional female voiceover

Janice began her voiceover career in college while earning her Mass Communications degree, specializing in broadcasting, advertising, marketing, journalism, photography and graphic design. Her first on air job was working on the campus radio & TV stations. She then picked up a shift at one of the local radio stations where she worked through college on the weekends. After graduating, she continued working as a Radio Personality across various formats including Top 40, AC, Classic Rock and Country. Best known for connecting with her listeners hosting request and dedication shows, Janice hosted KPLA's Softrock Sunset, Country Lovin' Dedications on Clear99 and the Y107 Total Request Lunch Hour. She also worked on 93.7 The Bull in St. Louis for iHeartRadio, and voice tracked NashFM for Cumulus Media Inc.

Janice expanded her career into advertising sales as a Marketing Consultant, helping clients brand their businesses by developing creative advertising content while utilizing strategic ad placement, and won multiple awards for creative commercial production and sales. She eventually combined her lifelong love of being on the air with her creative content strategy and marketing experience to become a professional Voiceover Actor, Brand Strategist and Marketing Consultant, now working with clients, advertisers and agencies worldwide.

Jeseca Downes, professional female voiceover

Meet Jeseca

Jeseca Downes grew up spending Friday nights at the radio stations with her mom while she was on the air as a way to spend quality time together. In the process, she was often brought into the studio to record commercials anytime a child's voice was needed, and eventually learned how to record and edit her own audio. She is also great at taking direction.

When she was just 3 years old she was asked to sing "Away in A Manger" in a Christmas commercial for a furniture store which was so popular she was asked to sing it again live on the air to help raise money for a children's charity, which blew up the phone lines with donations. Another favorite commercial project was when she was 5 years old and had to say Schlotzsky's Deli, but couldn't pronounce the word Schlotzsky's, so the whole ad ended up being multiple takes of her and a friend struggling to say the word Schlotzsky's Deli correctly. It was a huge hit. Since then she has gone on to record voiceover jobs for clients across the country including a National TV ad for Proactiv Solution, numerous commercials for colleges and universities, telephone greetings, child character voices, ACT scholarships and more. Jeseca specializes in teen, college student and young adult voiceover. She especially enjoys animation voiceover, childlike character voices, toy commercials, makeup, health and hair product commercials, fitness videos, yoga videos and clothing brand commercials.

Outside of the studio, Jeseca has a Bachelor of Health Science with Minors in Wellness and Phycology from the University of Missouri and works as a USASF Certified Competitive Cheerleading Coach at Eagle Elite Cheerleading. She is also a certified Yoga instructor at Sumits Hot Yoga.

Jenna Downes, professional female voiceover

Meet Jenna

Jenna Downes was literally born into the business, as her mom will tell you how she put headphones on her belly between songs when she was working on the air while she was expecting so Jenna could hear and feel the music before she was even born. The listeners called her Baby Sunset, after the KPLA Softrock Sunset radio show her mom hosted at the time. Jenna also grew up spending time at the radio stations to be with her mom, starting even earlier. At just 6 months old, she recorded her first commercial as a baby crying in the background for a spa commercial. By the time she was in kindergarten they had built a private recording studio in their home, so Jenna was regularly auditioning and cast for numerous child voices, toy voices, educational projects and toy commercials, including ads for Disney, Nickelodeon, Brainy Brands and Toys "R" Us. Another favorite project was being cast as the character voice of Ivy from "Ivy & Bean," promoting the Chronicle Books series by the same name. Jenna is also the voice of an interactive, plush yellow teddy bear named Summer Lightly, available on Amazon, and the character voice of a plush monkey named Alex, by Roughy Toys. Jenna is truly a natural, takes direction very well, and specializes in youthful, child, teen, college student and young adult voiceover. She enjoys projects with animation voiceover, childlike character voices, toy commercials, and commercials promoting hair products, makeup and clothing brands.

Outside of the studio, Jenna is a competitive cheerleader and volunteers as a Junior Cheerleading Coach. She loves babysitting and working at SkyZone Trampoline Park, where she is also the voice and face as the news anchor of their "SkyNews" commercials.

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Additional Agency Services

As the owner of Downes Productions Advertising Agency, we also provide Brand Strategy, Advertising & Marketing Consultation, Social Media Management, Content Creation, Copywriting, Editing, Graphic Design and Approved Product Reviews all available upon request.


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