It's Another Great Day

There's nothing more powerful than the feeling you get when you realize, the fear of losing the thing you needed to let go of most, was the only thing holding you back from the thing you're meant to do. I am a Professional Female Voiceover Actor, and I don't have to stay in a toxic work environment.

I thought I needed an 8-5 job with insurance & benefits to feel secure and provide for my family, so I put my real skills on pause and wasted four and a half precious years of my life punching someone else's clock, helping advance their career with my time, talent and valuable ideas, instead advancing my own. It turns out I just needed to remember who I am and remind myself of my own worth. So today I am back in the recording studio doing what I love most, getting paid to talk. I'm doing Voiceover full time again for the best boss I've ever had...ME!

My advice to my own two daughters, and anyone else who needs to hear it, if you ever find yourself quietly grinding away in the background of someone else's toolbox, knowing you deserve better, listen to your heart, trust your gut and get out. It's okay to let go of what isn't serving you, and find your place to shine.

If I have learned anything in the past year after my daughter Jenna's car accident that put her in a wheelchair and required multiple surgeries before she could even walk again, along with ongoing therapy for over a year, unexpectedly losing my Dad to COVID, my nephew to drugs, two dogs, two neighbors and a job with a toxic boss, I have honestly never seen things more clearly. My time is precious, and from now on I'll be way more selective about who gets it.

If you find yourself unhappy and unappreciated giving your best each day to the wrong people, helping them advance their careers at the expense of your own growth and mental health, at some point you have to remember your own "Why." "Why am I here?" Your initial reason may not be a good reason to stay anymore. So ask yourself, "What's really in it for me?" If your answer is just the paycheck or insurance, but the energy is off, save your sanity and know when to walk away. Take back your power & stand up for yourself. You will be fine. In fact, it feels amazing and your family will be grateful to have the real you back again!

There are millions of opportunities waiting for you at the right place with the right people and benefits, so never settle or let anyone steal your happy. Life is way too short to give any of your precious minutes away. Today I decided to take back my happy, and just like that "It's another great day!"


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