Welcome to Our New Voice Acting Website

Here we are just two weeks into 2020, and I am super excited to be able to check off one of my biggest goals of the year. Welcome to our brand new, seriously improved StudioVoicework.com website! I have to give a shout out to my lifelong friend and Web Developer, Erica Martin, owner of Pixel Jam Digital, who truly is one of the most talented and patient people I have ever had the privilege to work with. Thank you so much for sticking with me through every little detail. I know I can be extra, and you came back with what I asked for every single time. I sincerely appreciate you and your talents.

As a creative myself, I knew exactly what I wanted, but struggled to communicate what I saw in my head. I'm pretty sure I asked for way too much, but Erica came back with everything I asked for and more. So there was a lot of tweaking before we could narrow it down to the vision I had in my mind. There was endless back and forth in the beginning stages, and I started to wonder if what I wanted could even be done, or honestly, if I really was asking for too much. Most people just want a basic one-page website with some contact info, but I needed to be able to feature audio samples and video samples, and they had to look professional, and most importantly, they needed to work. The more we met, the more honest I was able to be, and the better things started to look. Erica had pretty much delivered on every request I had made. Together, we were able to turn all of those ideas from the vision in my head into what is now my brand new website!

I am also excited to introduce my daughters, Jeseca and Jenna, who have been working with me all along from behind the scenes on our voiceover journey as children, and are now stepping forward to join me as the next generation of talented, capable young women in the voiceover industry. Together I believe anything is possible.

So cheers to always leveling up, never settling for less than your dreams and smashing every goal you set for yourself!

Janice Downes, Professional Voice Actor
Owner of StudioVoicework.com


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